Landed Home Loans was established to help educators become homeowners!

We’ve joined the mission of our affiliate, Landed, Inc. Since 2015, Landed, Inc.'s down payment program has supported thousands of educators navigate the homebuying journey and has helped more than 300 educators buy new homes. Through this experience, they have learned a thing or two about what can make the process simple to understand and exciting to embark upon.

Through this affiliation, our loan officers are here to partner alongside your Landed, Inc. team to support you through your own unique homebuying journey.


The homebuying journey starts long before you’re financially ready to buy a home. No matter where you are on that journey, we will work with you to find a path forward.


At Landed Home Loans you’ll be supported by the best mortgage professionals in the business who are dedicated to the mission of helping you build financial wellness through homeownership.


    We work closely with your Landed, Inc. team to provide a seamless experience. This means less emails and telephone calls back and forth for you!


    We admire the amazing work you do for the community and understand the busy schedule you have. We will be available at your time and pace, supporting you so you can focus on your students and patients every day. 


    Everyone begins their homebuying journey in a different place. Whether you’re just dreaming of homeownership and don’t know if it’s possible or you're about to make an offer on a home, we are here to support. Our loan officers do everything from financial wellness consulting and credit review appointments to mortgage comparison analysis, mortgage loan closings, and home refinance.